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The Dark World Concept Art

Secently uncovered idea craftsmanship for Thor: The Dark World shows the amount of an impact Game of Thrones about had on the film. The God of Thunder’s second solo film turned out to be another strong hit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it hit theaters in 2013. It rounded up finished $640 million in the cinema world in the midst of strong surveys, however hello, let be honest — it’s nobody’s most loved Marvel film. Hasil gambar untuk The Dark World Concept Art Inspired By Game Of Thrones In any event, it could not hope to compare to its development, Thor: Ragnarok, which as of late wrapped up its showy run. The threequel appeared to across the board praise back in November, and in a year pressed with staggering hero films, it’s gone down as one of the absolute best. Ragnarok’s discharge on home media is just half a month away, so it’s not a happenstance that fans have as of late been dealt with to a torrent of idea craftsmanship that was made for the film. From interchange searches for characters like Valkyrie, Hela, and even Thor himself, there’s no deficiency of looks of what could have been for the MCU crush advancing around the web. Read More :  Every Remake Heading To Movie Theaters In 2018 Hasil gambar untuk The Dark World Concept Art Inspired By Game Of Thrones It’s tough to argue that Ragnarok doesn’t dwarf The Dark World when you pit the two against each other, but that doesn’t mean that the latter can’t play the concept art game just as well. Thor’s second solo outing was directed by Alan Taylor, who was best known for having directed five episodes of the hit HBO television series Game of Thronesprior to taking the MCU gig. The filmmaker’s background clearly had an impact on The Dark Worlds early design work, as evidenced by the artwork that Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park recently posted online. Check out the Asgardian king’s Winterfell-approved outfit for yourself to see how Thor might look if he spent a few days wandering around north Westeros.

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