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Red Hood IT Fan Trailer: Jason Todd vs Pennywise

Jason Todd prepares to fight Pennywise in another trailer for the fan-made free film Red Hood IT. Numerous adaptations of the character of Jason Todd, and his normal assumed name Red Hood, have flown up in funnies, TV, and enlivened movies since 1983. Be that as it may, the nearest thing to a cutting edge adaptation of the character is as Gotham’s “Red Hood Gang,” notwithstanding the presence of interest for the character in the DCEU. Pennywise the Clown, in the mean time, re-entered the general population cognizance in 2017 with Andres Muschietti’s megahit rethinking of Stephen King’s great novel IT. In spite of the fact that the motion picture was generally forgotten at grants season, it set another standard for blood and guts films in the cinematic world and drew for the most part positive audits. The jokester’s foes in the first story are youngsters – however another fan trailer ponders what it would resemble in the event that he turned into the objective of a more risky vigilante. As observed on the prevalent YouTube channel Robot Underdog, the fan-made trailer for Red Hood IT included a since quite a while ago haired Jason Todd (played by Noel Schefflin) amidst his journey to discover and execute Pennywise. You can watch it above. There’s no comedian in this trailer, yet there’s a decent take a gander at Red Hood himself. There have been a few fan-made trailers for IT: Chapter Two including none other than Jessica Chastain as grown-up Beverly – yet Red Hood IT is the genuine article. The full film is relied upon to be discharged on Robot Underdog at some point toward the beginning of April. You can also watch a prior preview for Red Hoot IT as part of the official announcement of the channel’s new series “Robot Underdog Presents,” which finds the founders collaborating with independent filmmakers to bring their projects to a wider audience. In this video, co-writers/directors Hisonni Johnson and Alberto Triana describe the premise of Red Hood IT, which plants Pennywise into the Batman universe with Red Hood on his trail. Johnson says the film solves one of Gotham City’s biggest problems: How does it have so many rogues? In this universe, Gotham only has one rogue: It. And of course, Pennywise is It’s favorite form. Read More :  Pacific Rim Uprising Launches Top Of The US Box Office Red Hood IT is clearly a big deal for both the filmmakers and Robot Underdog, as the inaugural film to be distributed for “Robot Underdog Presents.” It should certainly excite fans of Jason Todd and Red Hood, since there’s barely been a depiction of the character in the flesh. And if you’ve ever dreamed of Pennywise getting his comeuppance at the hands of someone his own size and not a child, this could be your opportunity to see it. The trailer reveals Red Hood and shows where the filmmakers went with their vision of a Gotham terrorized by a singular, shape-shifting rogue. But it also raises a big question of its own: What does Pennywise look like? That remains to be seen. And the entire premise hints that It will take other forms, perhaps other familiar villains. But it’s clear that Red Hood IT will focus on the battle between Jason Todd and perhaps the only clown more dangerous than the Joker.

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