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Gal Gadot’s Daughters Aren’t Impressed With Her Wonder Woman Character

Gambar terkaitGal Gadot‘s kids are more concerned about their food than they are about their famous parent. “I am their mother, so it is like, ‘Mom, I am hungry,'” the mother-of-two laughed in a recent sit down with E! News. Gal’s youngest daughter Maya is only about 9-months-old and has no clue who her mother famously plays, but eldest Alma, is aware of her mother’s fame—yet remains rather unaffected by the A-lister’s day job. According to the Wonder Woman star, her little girl, “really likes Batman,” but makes sure mommy knows that she is, “very proud” of her despite an obvious affection for the masked hero of Gotham. This doesn’t bother Gadot, who—like her superhero alter ego—is humble about her many achievements. She understands while off set parenthood is her first and foremost priority, explaining to E! News’ Will Marfuggi, “At the house I am the mother; I am not the star or the character or anything.” And in yet another show of her humble nature, Galchanged the subject to her co-star Ezra Miller.
She showered the Flash character with praises and commended him for “the fact that he is not like manly man and he is vulnerable and open and funny.” While Miller tried to stop her, Gadot insisted on applauding his performance, explaining, “I can never get tired of saying it: He brought such unique qualities to his character.” It was those qualities that Gal’s co-star believes were crucial to the success of the film, adding “He completely stole the thunder on this movie. He is so good.”
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