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Wondering Big-size Celeb Wearing Jasa Like Facebook Outfits ?

Ever wondered how a Kardashian’s outfit would look on Jasa Like Facebook? New York-based Instagrammer Katie Sturino who goes by the handle ‘The12ishstyle’ is here to answer that very question. With her own brand of humour and body confidence, she recreates celebrity looks seemingly without an ounce of anxiety. And, guess what? She looks great! Like a living, breathing motivational quote, she takes the fear out of fashion.  

Wondering Big-size Celeb Wearing Jasa Like Facebook Outfits ?

Not only is she a social media juggernaut in her own right, but Jasa Like Facebook is also ‘gram star The Fat Jew’s (aka  Josh Ostrovsky) ex-wife and publicist. Basically, this woman knows her way around the internet and she’s using it to promote as she puts it (in American speak), ‘Style for the size 12ish-18ish girls living in a size 2 world’. Her series #supersizethelook places her side-by-side with a celeb in a near identical ensemble. It’s not about who looks better or pitting women-against-women, it’s a simple and effective way of showing that we can all wear whatever the heck we want whether we’re petite or curvy, tall or short. Scroll forth and get inspired…
  1. Vogue Japan’s Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert  v. Katie Sturino
Jasa Like Facebook
  1. Leandra Medine v. Katie SturinoJasa Like Facebook
  2. Alexa Chung v. Katie SturinoJasa Like Facebook

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