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Black Widow Solo Movie

Hasil gambar untuk Black Widow Solo Movieair conditioning Schaeffer, the essayist who has been enlisted to take a shot at a content for Black Widow, is planning to get together with Scarlett Johansson to examine the film one month from now. Johansson has been playing Black Widow since 2010’s Iron Man 2. That implies she’s been possessing the part for a long time, a life span that will give Johansson a profound comprehension of the character. Wonder has since quite a while ago talked about the likelihood of a Black Widow solo motion picture. Tragically, as the years passed fans wound up noticeably persuaded it could never happen. Until two days prior, when fans learned Marvel had procured Schaeffer to chip away at a content. It appears the enthusiastically foreseen Black Widow film may well turn into a reality all things considered. It makes perfect sense that Schaeffer would want to touch base with Johansson early on in the scripting process. While Johansson is best known for her acting work, she also has a little experience as a writer and director. In 2009, Johansson wrote and directed a short called These Vagabond Shoes. She’ll no doubt be delighted to be involved in discussions at so early a stage. There’s been real fan demand for a Black Widow movie since the character was first introduced. During the press tour for Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige happily discussed the possibility. He agreed that a Black Widow film “at some point” would work, but cautioned that the film would be four or five years away. Marvel’s focus at the time, he maintained, was on the build-up to Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. Read More :  The Greatest Showman cast, Who plays the bearded lady? Not long after, Feige put it even more strongly. Again, he stressed that Marvel’s focus was on the end of Phase 3, but he admitted that there were discussions going beyond that. After hearing a list of character names, he did say Marvel was most “committing” to doing a Black Widow movie. Viewed in the light of these comments, it shouldn’t really have been a surprise to fans when Marvel hired a writer for the film. Feige had hinted that Black Widow would release in 2020 or 2021. Marvel is beginning to focus on the scripts for films due for release in those years; James Gunn, for example, is currently working on the script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Although this is only a minor update, it’s enough to tell fans that work on Black Widow is continuing apace. It seems Marvel really is committed to this movie after all.

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